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b16a crx vtec problem


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i help a friend drop a b16a pr3 into his crx. his was a dx, so i took a si harness and got the part i needed and wire into his dx. engine start run perfect, well vtec not kick in. i owned a crx with b16a and when vtec kick in, u will know. and his not kicking in at all. they cut the wrong harness and mess up the drive side harness (the big milky white piece) so i have to wire all those wires back with the pin. know there's few wire is same color(white and orange, i think go to dizzy) everything hook up right. compare with mine all hook up perfect, i try my ecu, try his, i try his on mine, it work. well i didn't hook up the o2 yet, so engine light come on and is a code 1. oil is perfect level, so i don't know whats the deal and o2 sensor won't make vtec not kick in. so what u think????

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well 1st off you need to LEARNS YOUR SELF BETTER GRAMMER and is the vtec programmed accordingly with the comp.? might want to check into that

well yeah, but fk i only have 11hours worth of sleep in 3days combine. i was seeing double image when i was typing the forum, but i do write half axx, so i'm sorry. anyway. the pr3 its design for the engine obd0 and its virgin. ecu work in my crx b16 and vtec worked perfect. the car was a dpfi, so i have to convert to mpfi.


here what i did

using the dx harness, wire in 4 injector.

i took the plug all wires and injector box and green plug, i cut off both injector plug on dx harness. put both yellow/black wire together, then wire it onto yellow/black wire green plug that connected to injector box, i wired the 2 injector wires to each injectors wire on the dx harness, and wired the other 2 to ecu pin. double checked and it is correct.

i move c1 and c2(wiring to engine) to b10 and b12. and connect the 2 dizzy wire into c1/c2 pin.(wiring to ecu).

all mpfi are done right, unless i got c1/c2 backward. i will double check later today.

after i finished mpfi swap, then i start with vtec and knock sensor, i checked vtec switch and solenoid are wire in correct, and knock is wired in correct and plugged in(located under the intake about the middle of the intake single wire green round plug)

there are 2 vtec wires show on computer pin, i guess b18c are different location on vtec wire.

the vtec wire is checked and compare against my crx. and its exactly where its located.

the o2 sensor wires not hook up or wire in(no1 and no2 o2 its untouch) i have not check if the 2nd o2 ecu pin wire still connect to

the old wire harness yet. if that wire its connected then it can cause a problem, but may be not.

heres one thing did went wrong during the swap.

on the dx harness, i ask the guy to plug in si harness. he tried and he told me the driver side plug would not fit.

it was 4am in the morning, i was extremely tired, so i told him cut it, use dx plug and make it fit.

two things happen here, it was 5yrs ago i did dx to si swap and late. i should read it up to refresh my memory. but it was totally my dumb ass fault.


so i finally relize i had screwed up. Well, he have pull the pin out of the harness too. I have to rewire all the pin and trying to match the color wires back into harness. Heres the thing there's 2 orange and white wires on that plug. long story short, i think i may have those 2 wire backward. i know those wires go on the dizzy, and i think they are cylinder position sensor, or crank angle sen, whichever. i really don't want to switch them and burn up something. my question is does it matter if those wire hook up backward?? whats you guys think?


thx, i m sorry my stuff is hard to read. if u guys get confused please, i will trying to explain it proper or have my friend type it much proper. thx for help!!

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problem fix, 2 things oil pressure switch was no good, also the oil pump is little weak along with stock exhaust piping and header, so vtec cross over wasn't as loud like my crx with full cat back and header. but its working. we going to drop the mobile 1 oil out and changing to regular castrol 10-30 and honda factory oil filter to help increase a little on oil pressure. thx for help ppl.

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