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Just bought a 92 Civic 4dr non-vtec


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Whats up Honda people. Well as the title says I bought a 92 civic for $300, not for me since im a Mazda man myself, but just to fix up and sell for profit. I am studying to be an automotive technician and this car is confusing me a bit.


I was told the main thing wrong with the car is a blown headgasket, it overheats and it loses coolant yet the oil is not that nasty milky color as it should be losing that much coolant and there is no smoke coming from the tailpipe what so ever. I cant find any hoses leaking coolant either.


Also, how do I check the ATF level? Its shifting a bit wierd and want to make sure the fluid is in good shape, if not ill flush it.


The idle is a bit high is there an IAC adjustment screw on this car?


Also is there any common problems I should be lookin for?




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The idle screw should be under the iac valve.


do not flush a honda trans, only drain and refill. the system is designed to never be opened and the screens and filters cannot be replaced in the trans. if you flush it you will break loose any loose goo in the corners and clog it up.


check the fluid level by opening the fill screw on the side of the bell housing. it is full if you stick your finger in the hole and you feel fluid. if not then fill from that same hole until fluid comes out that same hole.


check your oil. all your coolant may be in the oil pan by now.


common issue: timing belt. they need changed every 80-100k miles on your car. it is a frail little rubber belt that will break if not replaced. belt and the corresponding water pump and tensioner all replace at same time and parts are all of $50 for the job but it will take you half the day trying to figure out how to get the crank pully off.

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Ive been driving the car around the block a couple of times (not letting it overheat) and the oil still seems normal and not milky but i am losing coolant from the radiator and the reservoir (the radiator is new).


For the transmission, sorry I said flush, I meant drain and fill since thats whats recommended for mazdas aswell. There is a drain plug, correct? Dexron III?


Timing belt waterpump and front engine seals was already on the list, making some nasty noises already. Also going to clean up the engine especially the ghetto rigged electrical connections under there. I have airtools so hopefully the crank pulley wont give me too much trouble. I have mitchell on demand just in case.



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If you are wanting to be nice Honda ATF or MTF as required is the stuff to use. Regular off the shelf Dexron should work but it supposedly hastens wear as it isn't the right formula.


When the engine reaches normal operating temperature are both the upper and lower radiator hoses getting hot? The fan is kicking on correctly? Honda has some strange unmarked fuses that control the temp sensor. Usually they are not marked. You may want to pull all the fuses under the dash and inspect them one by one.

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well 1st off everything he said is true about the trans and the belt and maybe just maybe the fuses. but as far as the whole over heating issues what you should do 1st is get a new thermastat and gasket if that doesnt work you may need a new water pump so take it off and see if you have any build up around it and see if the shaft is loose if you have both thoughs problems replace it if the car still over heats thens its gna be your temp sensors and fuses and your fans not turning on and cooling the motor as they should be...

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Civics always overheat. Problem is that there are about 25 different things it can be.


The most common issues are: the temp sensor, thermostat, radiator clog and temp sensor fuse. These also happen to be the cheapest things to fix too.


You should post a couple glamor shots of this beast you bought for $300

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I dont think you want me to post a pic of it, lol the interior is okay but the outside has several parts that were painted with a can of spray paint by 3rd graders.


I will have to do some further diagnosis when its stops raining.

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