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Stupid interior question

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So the glove box is broken on my car. It's still attached, but when I open it, the thing falls all the way down; there's nothing stopping it. I looked at it and saw a cut-out on either side of the glove box but couldn't see how something would go in the hole (usually not a problem :thumbsup: ).


I realize it's probably an easy fix to a dumb problem, but if anyone can tell me how to fix it I'd appreciate it.

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Not sure on your model but some cars the pegs for the hinge are molded into the dash assembly. If that was the case you are screwed as you would need to replace the whole dash. You could bolt something on to rig it up but that is another story.


Hopefully your model is one that the pegs for the door were molded onto the box itself. If that was the case you just need a replacement from a salvage yard. There are a lot of early 90's accords floating around. Should take you one afternoon to find a matching color replacement.

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