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Question about my 2008 Civic EX


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I own a 2008 Honda Civic Ex and for the past 3 weeks I've been smelling a mixture of gas, burning rubber and burning plastic coming out of my vents. For the first 2 1/2 weeks I let it slide because there were no indicator lights on. I finally gave in and took it to the dealership where I purchased the vehicle, sat there for an hour and a half for them to tell me nothing was wrong. That same night I started smelling the mixture again. So, I asked one of my good friends who is a mechanic to see if he smelt anything. He said he smelt it but when he looked under the hood he didnt notice any problems. To this day, my car is still smelling of the mixture. However, I only smell it when my car is going at least 40mph and the a/c or heat aren't on when I smell it. The car is only a year old. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Would anyone know what might be wrong, because apparently the licensed technicians at Honda can't figure it out. I tried other honda forums with no luck which is why I'm hoping someone on here knows.



Thanks to everyone in advance. progress.gif

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How many miles on the car? It's normal I've been told to smell stuff when the car is very new...but if you are smelling it and the car has a few thousands of miles on it, then something is wrong...


Since the car is new and Honda dealer didn't see a problem, it's not of a major concern then. It could be something simple like rubber against something and burning...check around the engine bay and lift rubber stuff around and see if anything is torn and burnt...


Also, drive and when you smell it, pull over and open your hood and smell to see which side it's coming from...That should help in locating the problem...


good luck!

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