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civic breaking up


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my car breaks up when the motor is cold if i accelerate hard i around 4 to 5k.once the motor is warm some times it will break up. if it does it will be at around 6500 . it has been doing this since i put in my d15b. i changed to a skunk 2 intake and throttle body when i put in the motor. thought it my be getting to much air so i up graded the fuel system. problem still remained. with the car setting still it will rev all the way to redline hot or cold.changed spark plugs wires fuel filter pcv o2 sensor map sensor , im still running my stock p28 computer with the jdm motor i dont beleive that should be a problem. i dont know im going to need some help on this one, could it be a intake leak i dont hear any thing i sprayed it with carb clean motor did not pick up rpm.

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