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squel in the front end


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okay i got a 93 accord 10th ann


i put 17x7.5 on the car but a few months went by and a squel when you turn forms now but the tires or wheels are not rubbing




the brake lamp light is on but all lights are working


suggestions or solutions are greatly appreciated

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maybe you need new brakes?


sorry that not it i just put new brake pads and rotors all the way around and the squel is not when i hit the brakes it is a squel that you hear and you can fell tension pulling on the steering wheel has you turn but if you turn it far enough the squel stops

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More likely the power steering pump. The larger tires put more load on the pump. That poor pump is getting up there in age. It may be low on fluid, the belt might be loose or the pump itself is dying.

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