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which car for me?


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I currently drive an Accord 1992. I love everything about my car, especially it's size. Yet I am ready for a new car. The new Accord is too big and plush. The new civic is too small and sporty. I think Honda does not have what I need. What do you recommend? Maybe a Corolla?




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What is wrong with your current car?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with my car. It looks good, it drives good, it sounds good. I wish I can find the same car new. It has 170,000 miles. I am thinking: "sell it while it runs wood." I wish Honda still has the same type of car. The new Accord is too big. The new Civic is too small. The Fit it too futuristic. The Insight is too weak. So far, I love the new Corolla the most, but I hate to move away from Honda.



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Well, there is the option of buying a new affordable car. Somehow, Honda made the Accord a different car.

i don't like that option. you might as well buy a kia.


seriously it's a much wiser investment to buy a used car. if you do your research you can easily come home with a clean car with low miles as a very reasonable price.


you usually want to avoid used car dealers because they are crooks. i mean i went a lot that had a nice little toyota sr5, early 90s, had intake, header, exhaust, rims, and offraod tires. somewhere around 100-120k miles on it, which is great for a truck that old. the guy wanted $9k for it, just because it was "modified".

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If there is nothing wrong with your current car, keep it. No point in buying new right now.



Dido. Don't like the new ones keep the one you have that you also like.

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