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speakers I want to get

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well here it is, I am about to buy some 6x9's and I wanted to know if it was a good deal...






and for my brother

Pioneer Premier


SALE Price: $69.00


and that's for his jeep, his head unit can handle those but I am not sure about mine as it is the stock head unit

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yeah, I am going for a lot of highs, I have the two 12's in my trunk that overpower all sound so I want to get some louder speakers... also, what do you think about the prices?

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What do you guys think of this?


I'm getting a Blaupunkt Austin CD/reciever for 179.99, and replacing my factories with a set of four Blaupunkt PCxt652 6 1/2 inch speakers. The cd player peaks at 50 watts per channel, and the peak on the speakers is 150 watts. The price was the same at pricegrabber as at the crutchfield website, so I'm thinking thats the best I'll get. Is that at least an ok deal?


How do you think that setup would sound?


the sites for these are:





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it'll be better then factory....


blaupunkt xt's dont have good bass. they're good for "fill in" midrange in a component system. but i think you might want to shop around a little for speakers. there are better speakers out there for the same price.


that headunit is pretty good. blaupunkt's have a good clean sound quality.

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Actually I did get them and they were alot better than I expected. The cd player can really put out alot of bass, and the speakers can handle it, although I wish I could get bigger ones. It hits almost as hard as like a couple of twelves, though.

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well I got the 6x9's just because they were good speakers on sale, I didn't get those 6 1/2's because I don't have the money for a new amp and wiring in my car is a biatch... well anyhoo since installing the 6x9's I noticed that my radio does not pick up FM stations as well as it used to... Wondering if that is because the new speakers are drawing more power then my head unit is used too and it takes away from power to the antennae?



oh and here are the speakers I got


its soo nice to have mids and highs that I can hear

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