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GAHHHH time to vent a little bit


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OK so i've been getting a bit agitated lately. I'm contemplating selling my car and starting fresh with something that's not so fracked up. After i went to the ER for 8 stitches, i discovered my insurance actually did not cover me and i owe $2800 to the hospital, my insurance rates went up for my car when i went from the integra GSR to the 240sx, and now i owe $800 to budget car rental because of the accident. I just finally got enough money for my next semester of college, but now my rack and pinion is completely crapting itself and needs to be replaced ASAP, there goes $600ish of my savings. I desperately need a new clutch and tires.... and brakes. I want to sell my car for anywhere around $2000-$2500, but i highly doubt i'll get that much for it around here.


I work 40+ hours a week and only manage to make about $250 a week, and i'm still not a full time employee.


I was stupid to buy this car and expect everything to go okay with it. I regret it now and it's royally f*cking me over along with all the other crap i've got to pay off. School is too important to me and i'm lucky enough to not get any financial aid for no reason whatsoever.


If only i fell onto a bag of $5000, i'd be so set.

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I suppose so. I'm fed up with $300/mo insurance payments, I'm fed up with being in so much debt at such a bad time. I know to most of you this seems trivial, but $2700 in hospital bills and $800 for a car on top of nearly $1000 in repairs needed to one's vehicle sucks, bad, and being 18 inbetween semesters in college with broke parents sucks.

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I feel for you buddy :thumbsup: Hang in there.

You need to get rid of that car. Weigh out fixing it. Like would you make the money back that you put in it if you fixed it and sold it, OR would you be better off selling it as-is. IIRC it has too much stuff wrong with it to keep it, like more than you just mentioned.


Sell, and get an ugly looking, good running honda. You need to get out of debt bro! Don't let it take you over, get ahold of it before you're way under.


HANG IN THERE!!! It'll be aight!!!

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Well if i were to actually fix it, i need new brakes, new clutch, power steering rack, it's already at 180k miles so something else is bound to go soon. I also need new tires. I need to find out what's wrong with my speedometer. I might need a new alternator too. Other stuff i really want to fix - Front and rear bumper, all the dents on the body/rear fender. I want to get the glue from the cancer strips off, but the paint peels off with it. I want a new motor for a headlight. my A/C needs recharging before summer comes around (driving in the heat during a rainstorm sucks with no A/C) I need new wipers soon as well.





Even though if i did do the swap, i'd be getting a new clutch, tranny, exhaust, ECU, and a bunch of goodies as well.


If i had the money after the repairs for the swap, the guy with the motor agreed to have me pay for the motor every month in installments. I don't have the tools for the swap and without figuring in the battery relocation kit and stuff the labor is estimated at around $700

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Do the rotors and pads, whatever's fairly cheap. blank rotors and you can probably even get ceramic pads for cheap. I wouldn't get the cheapest pads they have they're usually chiitty :crazy:


Try treaddepot.com for your tire needs! i've had great experiences with them, got my Toyos for 98 bucks a piece.

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Well i already have a hookup as far as tires and parts goes. I just don't have the hookups with money ATM. I'm still considering doing the swap on the car though, so hard to decide. If i were to sell it i would be looking for a trans am, or a camaro (stupid, i know, why the hell buy a gas guzzling piece of crap domestic?) but i would still like to build up a car, and i'd get a hell of alot more from putting an exhaust on a WS6 than on a 240sx. I know i know, even i question my own logic lol.



Out of complete boredom i found myself perusing auto trader and found these two near me, interesting









sorry for the long links, and too bad that isn't a VR4.



here's another one o.O



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If i were to sell it i would be looking for a trans am, or a camaro (stupid, i know, why the hell buy a gas guzzling piece of crap domestic?)


If you're complaining about your current insurance costs, why would you get a car that's just going to raise them more?


Any used car is going to have it's problems.


You want to build a car, but you can't afford it right now. Either repair yours, or sell it for something that might actually save you money rather than make you pay more.

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well i'd rather spend another $20 a month on insurance costs and another $20 on gas than paying for repairs every month. I thought about the whole insurance thing. I know it would definitely raise it up a bit. I'm still putting some thought into it.


Today i found out that my insurance is taking care of all the car costs, and the human resource person at work is dealing with my health insurance company, hopefully they cover most of the costs for the ER visit.


I also dropped off my car at my friend's garage and he quoted me for $480 for the rack and pinion, he's also going to take care of my brakes for another $40, and that's putting new rotors/pads on. He's the guy that would be doing the swap so i was talking to him about that and he's trying to talk me back into swapping the SR20DET.



Reason why the camaros and trans ams appeal to me? no clue. I just like them, especially the WS6's. Camaros around here are a dime a dozen and they are usually in pretty good condition. I can probably always find a 98-2001 camaro for less than $5000 around here at any time. If i were to get a camaro/trans am it would have to have an LS1 in it though. I'm a bit picky when it comes to cars, almost as picky as then it comes to women.

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