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Help starting my 90!


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My 1990 LX 5 speed won't start. Last time it ran was 3 months ago, I stalled her while turning her on and she would not start after that. I have replaced the main relay and checked all fuses and underhood relays. Today I replaced the wires, cap, rotor and plugs. I noticed the the number 1 and 2 spark plugs were drenched in oil which is strange since i replaced the VC gasket this summer. Could my no start issue be related to the wet spark plugs?


This summer she would sometimes have difficulty starting and I would unplug the fuel pressure regulator vacuum line and she would start rough and then if i plugged the line back in she would idle nicely again. I have also since replaced the regulator.


Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated... my brother just smashed my beloved 89 into a guard rail and I am back in America and car-less...

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