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I have a 93 del sol that is has been aligned twice and still pulls hard to the right. Proper air pressure in all the tires. Honda dealer tells me trailing arm bushings need to be replaced. Stock are waiting to be installed. Rear tires are wearing on the insides. Alignment place tells me rear camber cannot be adjusted, although I see an adjustment bolt. Anybody know what can/should be done? Thanks

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Sounds like your Sol is lowered. Your tires shouldn't be crow feeting otherwise. As for the rear camber, they make camber kits, but I believe the alternative to that is using washers/spacers. Rear camber kits are like $100 on ebay.


You might want to check your tie rods and control arms on the passenger side as well, and the lower ball joint. I suggest that if you're going to do one side, you might as well do both to save you the hassle later on. If they're the original factory parts, might as well anyways since the other side won't be far from being in the same condition.

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the del sol only has one adjustment for alignments and that is Front and Rear Toe.

if your car is lowered you really need to get a camber kit. both front and rear. do it right or don't do it at all.

providing that nothing on your car is bent suspension wise the camber kit will help out with your tire wear, and

can potentially have something to do with your car pulling.


Caster is the other adjustment and on the del sol there is no adjustment and as far as i know there's no aftermarket adjustment. so

if your caster is off then something is bent! mostlikely a lower control arm.


what about your tires. are they all the same brand? are at least the front two the same brand and size? that makes a difference


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