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twin loop muffler


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basically i was thinking of making my car a bit louder. basically want to try something out... i really do not want my car screaming but i miss a little bit of noise that my last 2 cars had.. but they were trucks though...and im sure that my exhaust is not stock since it looks like a new muffler was put on and the resonator is gone.


so i kinda want to just try a newer muffler that i can just temp bolt on until i'm sure of what i want.


that the one that i have always wondered how the heck its supposed to help is the twin loop design

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i dont really like them. theres a guy on solsociety who has one, but i'm pretty sure the twin loop will make it quieter. you could just buy a nice catback system that isnt loud. if you do a search on here there are tons of threads covering what exhaust to get

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