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alright i have a 98 civic coupe dx.... im not lookin to run 9s but a lil more power would make me happy.... Im looking at some headers from dc and i want to buy them.... now every header i look at says it fits the following.....



civic 92-95 DX/LX/EX/SI


civic 96-00 EX ONLY <------- now if we gander a bit here it says "EX ONLY" Why is that? and would it still fit on a my 98 DX


del sol 93-97 S/SI

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Yeah...the DX is built to be economic and efficient.....this is a limiting factor for you as far as performance parts go......It would be impractical to redo the entire emissions system......

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I say ditch the dx mani before it cracks and get a decent header on. Then get a magnaflow cat ($90) and have a custom (slightly larger) catback made and installed at a muffler shop for like a couple hundred bucks, or you could just cut your stock exhaust off where the cat would meet it and have a flange welded on. (if it lines up [i never owned an ek])

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[i never owned an ek])


And I doubt you ever will since ek's were only built and sold in Japan.


With the DX you have to replace the manifold and catalytic converter. To do it the legal way you will need to have a replacement catalytic converter installed in the normal location: under the car

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