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Try a different cassette. My Sol did this a little before I put a CD player in it. Used a cassette adapter to use my iPod in it, and at times I'd have to hold it in until it decided to stay. Got tired of it though and just got a headunit and an iPod adapter.

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Yeah just get a CD Player, you can pick them up very cheaply, and the store will probably fit it for you. I'm afraid cassette tapes are a lil dated, time to get up to the times! If you buy a CD Player with an iPod adapter/cable, or an Aux In/Headphone-in port, or a USB-in port, you will be prepared for the future also. It all just depends on what MP3 you use, or may use in the future.

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whats a cassette player?


hey ive got one of those thingys, i forgetted how to work it, lol



i have to hold my cassette adaptor in for a second or two as well.. try that and see if it works, FORCE FEED THAT B!TCH! lol :p

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