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need a quick question answered


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ok as u know my head went out on my sol... its a 95 d16z6


and i found someone selling a well used engine from 93


is there anydifferances between the 93 head and the 95 head???


i kinda need to know fast since my only really good build day b4 school starts again is tomorrow on christmas eve!!

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no difference as long as it's a d16z6. 1996 and 97 used the d16y7 and y8.

93-95 was d15b7 or d16z6.

These were all the d-series motors that came in sols.


Look for the head code PO8 to be stamped on the head, I believe on the front, over the exhaust manifold.



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Thanks so much... i might be going to go pick up that engine tonight for $150 since the sale of these HUGE tires i had from my ranger just sold!!!... took me 6 months to sell them.


i'll let u guys know what ends up happening

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