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im doing a zc/z6 swap in my 94 dx coupe. my question is, my stock dizzy has two plugs for the TD-41. my TD-42 dizzy for the z6 only has one plug. whats going on? the one plug plugs up to my stock harness, but im left with one more two wire plug on my engine harness. can someone help me out please

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arent both my car and motor both already obd1? also one plug is seven wires and the other plug is 2 wires. thats olny 9, that link is for obd1 to obd2 or the other way. and it says its a ten wire plug. sorry not trying to an butthead or rude just confused.

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so i called up password jdm and told the guy what was going down, he said hed never heard of that problem and couldnt find a product that they sell that would fix it. He also recomended rywire. so i got on there site, couldnt find exactly what i needed, tried to contact them but they are on "winter break" till the 28 sooo.....

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