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gauge cluster


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ok, so im going into work tuesday morning, truck in front of me going to slow, and the roads goes to 2 lanes, i get over and go by him, and look down to see how fast im going, nothing, 0 mph. rpms dont work, blinkers dont work, gas guage, and temp guage fracked. whats the deal, replace the guage cluster? cuz i just odered a new one off line last night? is that really the problem?

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ok, so i looked in the manual for the fuses, and it doesnt show that there is a fuse for the cluster, when i turn the head lights on, the cluster lights are still working. i bought a new cluster and got it in the mail yesterday and hooked it last night, still nothing, so..........any recommendations, cuz i didnt see a fuse that was for the cluster...

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I hate when someone asks a question then ignores the answer given.


Waste of money buying the new cluster until you have tried the quick fixes first.

Pull each and every fuse out until you find a blown fuse. Do not look in the manual, just pull them out one by one.

If you do not find a blown fuse then come back and ask again.

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blinkers are all fixed now, still no 4 ways tho, idkwtf is wrong with this damn car...its really irritating me!!! but installed some fogs on it tonight too, looks pretty nice, it will be almost all back to normal as soon as i get my new headlights, and if i could only get my z3 fenders on, it will be straight again...

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