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Gsr parts in LS block?

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Well I got my hands on a set of gsr pistons, rods, and crankshaft all basically brand new.


I was thinking of what all I can swap into the ls motor I just got.

I was thinking gsr crank with ls pistons and rods or like ls crank with ls rods and gsr pistons. or whatever

I am curious of all the parts combos I can pull off with this setup. Let me know


btw how can you tell piston's,rods, cranks and such apart. for future reference. I know there are numbers on top of the pistons. I dunno what they mean though.

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Get new pistons and bore it. Don't use used pistons, or stock bore pistons.


Why use a GSR crank in an LS? LS crank is 89mm, GSR is 87.2mm. You'll make less power with the GSR crank. Can't mix and match the rods as they have a different big end width.

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okay I didn't know, I am still deciciding if I wanna go ls vtec or just ls. I heard some people use ls rods in the gsr motor or even sometimes the crank shaft from the ls in the gsr but I didn't know if it would work or I would make or lose any power.

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