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My lovely Build thread. :D


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Well here is what is going on. I found a guy selling two LS motors. One is OBD1 and is missing the crank pully and valve cover and is fully assembled. Sensors, manifolds, and such still on it. The other one is apart and is OBD0 but I get the LS crank, a GSR crank Brand new and still in the bag, LS and GSR pistons, rods, New head. It has all the parts even flywheel but it is apart. I am pick both up for 250 bucks with harnesses and everything. No tranny. Well he has (I think) 94 tranny for the LS. But I want the cable one. I picked up a h23 for a friend today from him cause we are swapping out the blown f22 for a bigger one. It had a brand new h22 head on it and got it for 160 buck. I talked to him and found out he has honda parts out the A$$. so I will going to try and pick them up next weekend. I can't complain.


Here is the swap list. Well parts list Unless I forgot something let me know.


Motor mounts either hasports or avid ones.

ECU (Dunno If I wanna swap to OBD 1 or OBD 0, If OBD 1 then p28 flashed)

Tranny (cable prefered.)

Shift linkage (now should I get DA linkage and cut it or get the SiR linkage and use it or buy the expensive adjustable hasports?)

Harness ( Going to have to convert to Multi point and maybe OBD 1 as well.)

Throttle cable (from DA, 90-93)

The axles (well two options, Buy new axles for the DA and remove dust rings from knuckles and axles or buy custom made axels)

I dunno how I wanna do the exhaust cause I know it won't bolt up.


Let me know on the input you guys got. I Wanna pick some interior pieces as well and wanna swap to black interior eventually. Plus get the little stuff like a clock and such since my base model does not have that.

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Well okay big update. I picked up the two ls motors. Both b18B1's got pics to prove it. But I sold one to a friend and the other I am about to sell cause a very tempting offer came up. Instead of going b18 I will go d16z6. My friend has been slowly building up a d16 in his spare time. Well So far the bottom end has been bored .20 over, it has New I beams, (I think golden eagle not sure) a balanced crankshaft, new weisco low compression pistons, new high pressure oil pump, the block has been hot tanked and assembled so far. It is wrapped up so nothing will get in the engine, every week or two he goes and puts some more oil in the engine and turns the crankshaft to make sure everything still checks outs. I am also getting a si tranny, Hydro, with the parts, lines, and such to convert over including new shift linkage, a harness for that motor, and such. Going to also get a p28 from a friend to use. I will try to get pics when I can. I am picking all this up for about 400 bucks and that is everything I will need but a head.

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