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How To: Seafoam your car

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Was doing this today with my oil change and decided to attempt a write up on it. Some people know what it is, how to use it, and what it does for the car, others may not and be skiddish about doing it for fear of breaking something.


So what is seafoam? Seafoam is a 100% petroleum product that can be found at most auto parts stores. It can be used in a multitude of applications including 2 stroke/4stroke gasoline engines, diesel engines, boats and planes. What it can do for your car: clean injectors/carb jets remove carbon buildup inside your engine clean oil passages just to name a few, resulting in better overall performance of your vehicle. Also if your car is not getting the gas milage it used to guess what you can get it back.

NOTE: This is not a power adder it simply removes the crap that over time restrict the output possible from your vehicle.


Here is a pic of what it looks like:



Now that you see what it looks like, here is a list of things that you will need or be helpful:


-2 cans of seafoam (pictured above I pay about $7 per can @ Walmart)

-Small Funnel

-Pliers (for removing metal squeeze clips)

-Oil Filter (whatever you normally use, FRAM for me)

-5 qts of oil (or how ever much you vehicle takes)


You've got your supplies now HOW TO SEAFOAM:


Part 1: Cleaning Your Fuel System

Well you just bought your seafoam and well you need gas so lets do the first part while we're out. Go to your gas station and get 1 can of your seafoam and pour it into your gas tank you may need a funnel, but can be done without one. Some people only use 1/3 of a can, but on the can it says that 1 pint treats 8-25 gallons (or about 1oz per gallon) I normally use the whole can 12gal tank=12oz but the other 4oz won't hurt. Now just fill up like regular, then on the way home mix it up in your tank be creative but be safe. I just swerve a little in my lane(live in the countryside not much traffic), brake hard quick on/off. It'll go to work now your done with part 1. Make sure you run your tank low this time to get the most cleaning action.


Part 2: Cleaning The Crankcase(Oil)

In this step you'll add the seafoam to your crankcase. Remove your oil filler cap and pour in approx 1.5oz per quart of oil. I use about half the can, makes for easy measurement. How long do you leave it in there? This is where I found a lot of difference in write ups and info, the longest i found was run it no more than 250mi and then on the opposite end I found some that said leave it in the car for like 10min while running. The seafoam will essentially thin out your oil so running it for an extended time is not recommended, but also leaving it in there for too short a time will not clean as well as it can.

Here is what I normally do: Add the seafoam to oil let it settle for a few minutes, then start the car let it run 5-10min followed by about a 5-10 minute drive casually around the neighborhood, go back home and park the car in the garage/ oil change area and let sit for about 10min then change the oil (including filter). And now the engine should still be warm for you to begin the final part.


Part 3: Cleaning the Top End

Pretty easy so far right. Now for the tricky part just kidding this one is fairly simple as well. You should have about half a can left, and what you wanna do is get that in the intake mani. How, well don't worry it's easy, there is a hose coming from your brake booster you'll want to use that. The hose should be in two sections from the front of the vehicle remove the portion on the left. Pic to clarify:




Now get in your car and start the engine, be aware it will run rough as you now have a vacuum leak, don't believe me get out and put your hand in front of the hose you removed. Now what you want to do is take your remaining seafoam and pour most of it in, possibly use funnel or the vacuum should be strong enough to pull the seafoam into the mani as you pour. Again your engine will be acting crazy you've got a vacuum leak and are now flooding it, you'll make it through as well as your car. Pour too fast and you'll stall the engine so remember slow and steady. Once you have just a sip left dump it in all at once, it should stall out the engine this is what you want. Go turn the key off and twiddle your thumbs for 20-25 min allowing the seafoam to get deep into the creases and crevasses. You may have noticed a bunch of smoke as you poured it in. Well that means you messed up and your engine will suffer a dark and fiery death. NOT that just means its working and you are witnessing your carbon buildup leaving your engine.

Well its been 25 minutes and now comes the fun part for you and a pain for your neighbors. Go back to your car and start it. Did you remember to hook that hose back up if not do it now before you start the engine. The engine maybe a bit difficult to start as the cylinders are full of seafoam, but it will start so don't fret. Once it's running you should notice a large amount of smoke from your exhaust tail pipe. Good place for a pic:



Good now let it idle for another 15-20 min. After that time take the car out for a hard run for about 20min, seriously get into it a bit let it rev high a few WOT pulls. When you first crack on it, she's gonna pour out some smoke, again normal. This does not mean run it at red line for 20min or you may have a problem with your engine afterward. Please have some common sense don't do this in your neighbor hood go somewhere with few people/cars. As you near the end of your trip your smokescreen should be gone. Once back home let it idle for about 5 more min then shut it down. You have just successfully seafoamed your engine. Enjoy the results of a cleaner engine and fuel system, returned power and mpg.


NOTE: I would like to inform of the possibility of exposing leaks. After seafoaming your vehicle it is possible for a "new" leak to be discovered. This leak was not caused directly by the seafoam "eating seals" simply from the removal of crap that was blocking the leak. It is similar to switching to synthetic, the oil doesn't destroy seals just removes gunk opening existing holes. Based on my use and friends that use this process this stuff works well, however, I cannot guarantee any results because every car is different and will have different amount of build up.


Hope this helps answer any questions, and if a mod would like to sticky it feel free.

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If I am not mistaking, I believe you fill up your gas tank all the way and add the seafoam, then run the car to around E so it can use up all the seafoam. I liked the write up, I was looking around on google and stuff, but this explained it pretty damn good.

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so for part one, id have to basicly be on E., then put seafoam in then fill up?


No not necessarily, but make sure you have a full tank after you put the seafoam in.

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