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d16y8 problems...i need help


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so i have a 96 civic ex with the d16y8, and here recently when the motor is still cold while you are driving it will buck and jerk and sometimes it will die...idk if its a fuel issue or what i check for codes and its not throwing anything i tried iso heet in the gas to evaporate any water if there were any...i have been told maybe the i.a.c.v (idle-air-control-valve) but i doubt thats it, i have been told fuel pump, maybe new fuel filter, maybe even my apexi 2 v-tech controller i just need some input about what some other ppl think it could be thanks for reading and hopefully helping me out

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Distributor. Had this exact same problem in my old Civic. If I gave it too much throttle while cold, it would buck and jerk. After it reached operating temp it was fine. new distributor fixed the problem.

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what you mean same as yours?? what year civic you had?? and what engine code?? mines the d16y8

Older, engine code is irrelevant. While the distributors have minor differences, they operate on the same basic principles. If your problem is ignition related, it's most likely something failing within the distributor itself. If it were the rotor, the problem shouldn't go away once it warms up.

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