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d16y7 question


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this question might have been asked before or it might be silly.... but anyhow is it possible to get a d16y8 head and put it on a y7? just to add vtec?... might seem silly to ask but then again "he who asks is a fool for 5 minutes he who doesnt is a fool forever" :laugh:

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one more question... im pretty much thread jacking myself lol...i might get an SI Engine later on.. will my stock tranny be able to work with it? until i find an SI tranny??..i might get both the tranny and the engine at the same time but its just a just in case

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d series tranys wont work with b series...2 diff types of motors. as long as its a d series with any d series head or trany it will work. same concept with b series and all the others


So, no different series can swap trannies? So there's no way to put a B series tranny on an H? I think you are wrong good sir. Correct about the d series tranny on a B series, but you can interchange trannies between some different series. H2B??

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