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Gonna show myself off her and embarass my husband in front of all of t


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See # 10


In no particular order:
  1. NO EXCESSIVE POST WHORING: One word replies; responses that have no relation to the topic being discussed; double posting (it's understandable if it's a computer error); etc. We all know what post whoring is and isn't.
  2. NO TROLLING WILL BE TOLERATED: We had some instances early on with domestic guys coming only to bash. This is an example of a troll. (HF has no problem with people who prefer domestics, only with trolls.) Also, a lot of the newer members should remember people coming from some Modifiers forum and starting problems. Again, trolls.
  3. IF IT BELONGS IN A PM, USE THE PM FUNCTION: Too many personal posts have been able to slide. From now on, please make use of the PM function if it does not pertain to the entire board, and especially the topic at hand. In some threads, personal comments are allowed, such as when we do picture threads.
  4. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTIONS: If you're new to the board, or just don't remember if something's been posted, make use of the search function BEFORE posting a new thread. Please use all possible search word combinations in order to ensure that there won't be a double post on a topic.
  5. NO REMARKS THAT ARE AGAINST ANY GROUP: Anything offensive will be edited. Edits will either change what was said, or delete the offensive material.
  6. NO EXCESSIVE FLAMING: Please use the PM function if you have a problem with someone or something that is being done. Remember, you can always block another user from sending you a PM if you are being flamed. We are all one big happy family here and should not use name calling to build up our ego's!
  7. KEEP PROFANITY AT A MINIMAL: Drew has used the function that allows set words to be censored. However, I have noticed that not all words have been set. Please respect Drew's wishes to have fairly clean language in case we have a younger audience.
  8. IF IT IS UNRELATED, START A NEW THREAD: Threads are still going completely off topic and are being locked due to it. Please start a new topic so we may keep the originals open for related discussion.
  9. REMINDER: RE: SELLERS, BUYERS, WANTED TO BUY: Please place all threads regarding something you are selling, buying, want to buy, or group buys in the Classifieds! forum. Please read the rules of that forum and only post once.
  10. NWS = Not Work Safe = BANNED INDEFINITELY: We understand this is the General Discussion section of the site and all subjects are allowed, however, this is also a Honda/Acura website and Nudity, Profanity, Death Images and other Offensive subject matter will not be tolerated.
  11. THREAD ABOUT YOUR POST COUNT: Please do not start a thread about you reaching a certain number of posts. They will not be locked but deleted.
  12. EXCESSIVELY LONG THREADS WILL BE LOCKED: Threads that have become too long (generally 20 pages or more) will be closed down. Should the thread be closed simply due to length, a continuation ("Part 2") thread may be started by the original poster, or any other member /moderator who sees fit. (It is best to include a link to the original thread in the first post of a continuation thread.)


And btw, the only one you're embarrassing is yourself.

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