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happppy birthdaaaay Dan :D


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you realize that after your 21st bday, its all downhill right? what other great things do you have to look forward too?


maybe buying a house, a midlife crisis (which is kinda cool cuz you spoil yourself), kids (they will make you tear your hair out), a senior discount, rubber sheets, then a pine box....


well, hope you had a good one!!!!

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Who is this Dan guy...and why do we care? Just kidding man. You were the one to post my B-Day thread last year. Hope you had a good one.


EDIT: I'm old, and forget things. I originally said last year, then changed it to earlier this year, then back to last year. Rick started my B-Day thread earlier this year.

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What about his second annual 21st birthday, and then the third annual, fourth annual, fifth annual, sixth an.....................................


That is how my 25th is being celebrated... I will be 25 again in March.

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hahaha BEER!


well thursday night i went out at 10 with a bunch of work friends and met up with my other friends of age and went to this place Ryan's Pub till 12, which is where this pic was taken w00t.


then went to Barnaby's from 12-2 which was a total blast. So that was night #1


My cousin got married this weekend and had an open bar all the time (Irish Wedding FTW) Pre-gamed at the hotel bar around 3 pm after the ceremony, then went to the reception and drank a ton till 9, back to the hotel bar till 11, then to some bar till 3 am and then got fried chicken at some place in York. It was sooo much fun, haha had my first flamin' dr. pepper!


So Co & Lime is the best shot, Rocky Mountain Motherfracker #2,


Yuengling is el best beer, Blue Moon was good too


Long Island Iced Tea is the best mixed drink IMO, and Jack/Coke or the typical screwdriver is good...


Incredible weekend though...perfect was to turn 21...drunk for 72 hours and still recovering hahahahaha jk

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Happy belated! If you go out drinking again soon a shot of rumple minze is pretty good crap. And if you find a bar that carries it "Singleton" is a very good shot of scotch.


Have fun getting legally fracked up!

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