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A better way to spend black friday


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Chill dude. I was being serious. I thought it was hilarious. I laughed through the entire thing. I didn't mean for the geez to make me sound sarcastic. I was saying geez....cause I laughed so hard


(I'm being completely serious)


My bad, I figured you were being sarcastic because of the dots after 'man' in your first comment and the 'geez',


I think the internets needs a built in sarcasm meter because it's hard to discern whether someone's being sarcastic or not through a computer screen.


Sorry if I came on a little strong, in my country this is just our way. :)



...and dammit jordan, your stupid bug made me wipe the computer screen :mad:

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what? I blocked it on here, then set it as my desktop background. Granted, .gif files don't move when set as backgrounds, but it looks bizarre. Now it annoys anyone sitting behind me in class :thumbsup:

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omgomgomg , that was hilarious, next time i go to walmart im trying it lol


I was at wal-mart yesterday visiting a friend and I was so tempted to go for it but I chickened out :(


Plus I didn't want my friend to get in trouble, uhh yeah that's really why I didn't do it, wasn't scared or anything :-

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