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Best CAI?


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I want to know from people that have CAI's which one do they think is the best overall with sound, hp increase and tq increase. dont matter what year or model, i just want to know, because its very interesting to see what people say.


ive heard making one from scratch is the best, the V2 by AEM, and a company that makes it called "one". before i go out and by one i want to know from other people which is the best.

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I've had AEM's SRI, CAI, and V2.

The SRI was ok. It seemed to provide a slight low end boost.

The CAI definitely provided a big high end boost.

The V2 seems to provide a little low end boost, and I'd say 90% of what the CAI did in the high end.


I've heard making one will serve you just as well and will be much much cheaper, but if you have the money, then why not get something reliable, tested, and legal?

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