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Design Work : Websites/Flyers/Leaflets/Posters etc


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Hey guys, not sure if I'm allowed to put an ad up for this...But I'm student desperate for money so I thought I'd sell my services. (no not myself!). If the mods ain't happy about it, feel free to delete! Somebody is always looking for someone to make something like these, so thought I'd try my luck on here.


If anybody wants any design work, drop me a PM.

Examples of work I can do:





Adverts (TV, Magazine, Internet),

Interactive CD's

3D Models (E.G products, architecture, house fly-throughs), also I can do 3D Animation (for adverts, websites etc.)

Anything else needed, let me know.


I'll do it for cheap whatever is needed. If you want to see a portfolio, just request and I'll send you a copy of work related to what you may want doing.

Big thanks to anybody interested.



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