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What keeps you on a website (e-store) once you've finished looking at items? What makes you want to go back to certain websites?


Working on my new website and am trying to figure out how to keep people on the site longer. Any type of forum is out of the question. Already have a few things in mind but I'd like to see what you guys have to say.

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interesting stuff basicly, stuff no one really has at a good but not shady price, and THE TRUTH on the product, Like when people know what there talking about, (I.E.) JDM Short throw......With no brand on it and it looks like hell, a good sales man/woman

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No freakin music! It pisses me off when I am cruising along, and bam I get blasted (cause I have 5.1 Surround on computer, always load as hell) with music!


Always pisses me off when I have to go searching for payment options, put them on home page, or have link on home page!!!!!!!


Don't be one of the ASSSholes that charges double what the actual freight is! Charge me a higher price for the product, and not try to make up for cheap price with inflated shipping!


For gods sake accept Pay Pal! Even if it means having prices ^^3% to compensate for it!


Keep the pages clean and fairly simple, none of these flashing cheesy banners! If you do make it small and unobtrusive!


If you have a quality product, the pics and descriptions will sell it for you!



Might even consider some kind of awards system?? Like for referrals?? Maybe If some one posts your site in SIG, or just posts a testimonial stating how good their experience, and products was! Like 10% off or free shipping on next order, something like that! Hell I shout out for companies all the time, just because they have good products, if I was going to possibly be rewarded for it I would do it even more! :thumbsup:

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I agree with pearce. Just make it simple and have a good variety of products.

Give decent photos of the products not just some off the wall can't even make out what it is picture and short but accurate descriptions.

Have a smooth and easy navigation menu and break up categories to keep customers looking at all the different stuff. In the same light don't make it confusing or difficult to get to any section of the store.

Also a catchy phrase(company motto if its not too long) or logo gets me to remember the website.


Just let us know when you get the site up and running. I'd really like to see how it turns out.

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It has to have a good flow to the website. So organization is key for me if I'm just surfing a random website. I can get very detoured quickly if I have to stop and look for something. As Mike said I hate music/sound's on sites. Also considering the subject mannor, pictures and maybe even videos would be ideal. Possible builds, pics of the shop or whatever. I might spend 5 seconds looking at a boring text page and a hour at a site that entices me to read because of some nice pictures, etc. Also don't be afraid to be detailed, I hate when websites expect me to visit and possibly buy from them when there is no information there. I mean what good is the site if it's basically just a 5 second ad. If I wanted that I'd watch TV, but when I'm online I want information!


EDIT: Contact Information via email. I know as a business you'd much rather talk to someone in person or by the phone, but as we're learning with our Wine and Spirits store contact by internet can help bring in some customer base. Surely your get alot of dumb questions, or whatever but it may just be the dumb questions that lead to some kid coming in wanting one of everything lol.

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You can keep a points system, or a tracking system for the customer to show what they've purchased in the past, also with a consumer that buys alot of stuff, coupons are always nice...like make a purchase and get a 10-20% off on your next...oh yea, and pictures are always nice of the product

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For me, navigation is key. I don't like not being able to find what I want. If navigation is easy to use (ie. left side thumbnails), I will browse around for others items, and more than likely purchase other things.


As has been stated before, a good description can sell a product! :thumbsup: At least for me anyways

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