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air intake question


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I put an air intake in my car a few months ago and I've been noticing lately the filter looks a little dirty or rather very dirty than how it was when I first bought it, DO i need to replace the filter at all can it be washed? I feel like the cars gotten quieter since when I first put the intake in and I thought the filter becoming dirty might impact that. Any ideas?

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how long is a few months?


pic, if you can.


you can wash a filter, just pull it off, spray it with the hose inside and out. let it dry, re-install it.

i've had mine on for quite a few months and it isn't horribly dirty.

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i've got one of these http://www.procivic.com/pages-popup_image/pID-222/index.html my friend told me i wouldnt need to replace the filter but your saying i should so where could i find a filter like that, I dont remember what model my intake is exactly.

Those are AEM CAIs


So yes, just clean it. They recommend some solution that they sell, but you don't need it. Just a few rinses in warm water.

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Make sure if you do wash it that you rinse it from the inside out to ensure all the debris gets out rather than in. And K&N makes a recharge kit that includes the wash solution and the oil to put on the filter when its clean to keep it in good shape.

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The aem "dryflow" doesn't require an oil.


Any others would benefit from the K&N "recharge kit". I picked mine up for like $12. I use it once per year. I figure the bottle is good for 15 yrs or so. lol

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