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I did some trading today.

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I got this: (brand new, never been used 16g turbo made for evo I think)



And these: (aem tru-time for b-series)



And this!:



with Mugen filter:




What did I trade?


These: (16" Rota GT3's, all 4 tires were shot, paid $325 for em')



I'll sell the turbo and cam gears (I already have the 5-bolt aem's) but I'll keep the aem v2 to replace my regular aem cai.


Whaddaya guys think? Good trade?

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good god i want that turbo.

the 16g is an evo turbo. alot of people put them on their subarus too. it gives a good amount of power. i could get 300+ whp with that



$300 plus shipping and it's yours mang.


Comes with all the bolts and gaskets and hoses and oil lines, etc. Still has the little plastic caps in it from the factory to keep the dust out. :thumbsup:

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looks like the other guy got ripped off.


im sorry, rotas just arent worth sh*t to me.


In other words.....Way to go Alex, great trade on your part.



Don't be such a negative Nancy. :o:p lol

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I did a lil more wheelin and dealin today. Got me an ITR head. I got a good deal on some dell laptops. ($332 ea.) and this guy traded me the head with valves, springs, retainers (no cams) + $200 cash for one of the laptops.


I sold the other 4 for $425 each. Not too bad a deal. $1660 investment, 2 weeks later, $1900 cash and an ITR head.


Oh yeah, *update* - 16g turbo is gone. sold to Kastigir. ka-ching! :laugh:

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