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Bored out 1.6L


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Ok, so I got a D16z6 completly stripped down in my garage. I saw a full rebuild kit I want to buy for it, but it says it can come with oversized pistons upon request. Now, boring out the block only costs $200 too. What im looking for, is what kind of performance gain can I get from upping the piston size? I have had a friend who has a Del Sol tell me not to do it. Im just wondering if its worth doing.


(People who have done it only please, I would like results, not speculation, Thanks!)

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Not that, thats just honing it, im probably getting that done anyway. But boring out the walls for like .010 bigger pistons. Wondering if thats worth it, or if it actually decreases performance from too much rotational mass.




WHAT? :crazy:

Do you know what boring is?

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No such thing as .010 over pistons.


The only real way to do a rebuild is overbore with new pistons. Weight difference is not anywhere near enough of a difference to make a difference in power, and I doubt you'll be revving over 9,500 to see a difference anyways.

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