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2008 Odessey Electrical Problem???

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I attempted to install a back up camera in our new 2008 Honda Odessey

this weekend. I had to run the camera's power wire to the back up

lights, splicing into the van's back up lights wires. (In years past,

I've installed car stereo's, amps, etc many many times and didn't

think this would be a problem.) After getting the camera power wire

spliced in and covered in electrical tape, I tested the camera (turn

the van on, put it in reverse, back to park and turn the van off) and

sure enough it sent the wireless image to the little screen in the

van. BUT, when I got out of the van I got a little shock when I

touched the frame.


I tried this several times, always got shocked. Then I unhooked the

camera completely and covered the splice area of the back up light

wires with electrical tape. Still, every time I turn the van on, turn

it off, get out and touch the frame, I get a little shock.


I can think of only one time when I might have damaged other wires in

the van. When I was fishing the power wire from the camera through

the tale gate to the back up lights, I might have caught the wire

hanger on some other wires, I couldn't see so I don't know for sure.


A few questions. IF I did snag another wire inside the tale gate,

would it result in a little static shock every time we get out of the

van? If it were the positive side of some other wire, wouldn't it

short the battery (and cause a bigger problem)? One friend suggested

it was coincidental that I installed the camera in cold, dry weather,

which is also the time of year when static electricity is common in

cars. I.e. moving in and out of the car during this time of year has

produced static electric charges responsible for gas pump fires.

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