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Helping out a friend


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Selling ravpsec nismo replica front bumper. with carbon fiber inserts for the ducts.




Paid over 700 for the bumper and carbon fiber insert, thats not including paint.


good- fitment is perfect**

bad- since his car is slammed there are some scrapes and scratches along the under side of the bumper, and there is a small crack on the front part of the bumper.



will not ship. can meet half way. (he has no job currently)


Asking 450 FIRM.










^^the cracks covered up with a spongebob band-aid




let me know if you know someone that has a G35 and would like to buy his front bumper for 450, he is trying to sell it asap. thanks everyone :thumbsup:

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so im guessing nobody knows anyone that has a G35 that would like this bumper? he's really trying to sell the bumper due to not having a job and needing the money...



so i'm guessing you're correct :thumbsup:


should go to Infinitiforums.com :laugh:

lol jk jk PUT THE GUN DOWN!!!

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he already has it posted on all the forums he is on, he just asked me to put it in here because he desperatly needs to sell it.


and LOL @ Put the gun down :laugh:



haha :thumbsup:

my professor always says that when he makes fun of people lol.

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