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Traxxas Jato 3.3 Build.


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2008 Traxxas Jato 3.3

Original Price Of Car: $390

Money Invested: $48



- K&N High Flow Filter System.

- RB Innovations Supercharger.





- VG Racing Bead Blasted Roll Cage. (Chrome)



- CML Distribution Headlight, Fog Light, And Brake Light Kit.



- Team Blue Star Aluminum Front And Rear A-Arms. (Chrome)

- Team Blue Star Aluminum Front And Rear Knuckles. (Chrome)

- Team Blue Star Aluminum Front C-Hub Carriers. (Chrome)

- Team Blue Star Aluminum Steering Assembly. (Chrome)

- Team Blue Star Aluminum Turnbuckle Tie Rod Set. (Red)

- Traxxas Aluminum Engine Mount. (Chrome)

- Traxxas Twin-Spoke Front Rims With Victory Tires. (Chrome) - $20

- Traxxas Twin-Spoke Rear Rims With Victory Tires. - $28


This is going to be a build thread for my RC Car. Yeah, it's an RC car, but get over it. :D I have nothing else to do as far as posting and no progress is going on my car, so I figured i'd go ahead and make me a nice ol' build thread for it. This thread will be the same style as My Sol Build Thread so yeah.

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:) It's going to be the sh!t. Once I get pictures once i fix the broken a-arm. I'm going to need somebody to make me a sig for it. Same size as my current one, I'll run them side by side. :D Or i'll get a picture of my two cars together. :D Edited by Repsol
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Yeah, it does 65+. I have a picture of the car in one of these threads, i think this topic, or image. Not sure. I'm trying to upload the video of the last run of breaking my engine in.

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Alrighty, got a new A-arm. We managed to fit 2 springs inside of each of the rear shocks. It's super stiff in the rear. I'll see if I can get a picture or two tomorrow, maybe a video. :D

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Indeed, I'm glad it's only RWD. My Dad's is AWD, he's snapped 3 driveshafts already. I did it the first time, I kept hitting the gas, making it wheelie. The whole truck came off the ground and when it landed, it sheared the driveshaft in half. I think they should make aluminum ones or something. Apparently the plastic ones just aren't cutting it.

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