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Mafdark's badass auto movies thread


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Keep this thread to high class, high quality stuff. Don't give me stock cars, ricers, nor dumb ass stunts that we could watch at the lot. :thumbsup:


Ill keep it two to a post for loading and comments sake.

yessuh masta'





ill give you some stuff of peoples cars i actually know instead of something recorded by someone else :thumbsup:

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not a badass vid?

i say the cars and the vid is badass, if the vid wasnt badass you wouldnt be able to see the badass cars :thumbsup:

when was the last time you seen a civic beat a 471rwhp supra, or a ITR beat a RB25DET swapped S14.5?


oh and i was shot-gun in zongs ITR in that second video :p

after we were done and went back to fuji, fuu said he was toying with all of us, LMFAO! :laugh:

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yeah the guy he sold it to dogged the hell out of that thing, i remember the third or fourth week after zong sold it to him he was already changing the clutch and flywheel... guess its hard to get used to that much power in a fwd :crazy:

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