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Del Sol Roll Call


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Since so many people on HF have Del Sols, I'd love to see how many active Solers we have!


List your:

Location (if you are comfortable)

Year and trim package (S, Si, VTEC)





I'll go first :thumbsup:


Southwest Virginia

1994 VTEC

171k Miles

Granada Black Pearl originally, now down to primer to be sprayed black.

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Baltimore, MD

'93 Si

almost 44k



Too bad no one is coincidentally in the same town or anything... Repsol is kinda close to me but that's it.


I'm just over the border, not quite an hour from downtown B'more.

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That's true, Scott, we're less than an hour from each other.


You coming to the winter meet on Dec. 20th?


If I can work finances out... Which basically means if I can land the job I'm currently applying for and get my credit card at least partly paid off... How much credit/cash/etc should I have available for something like this?


Ok, just noticed it's an end of the year bash type of meet.. not a super expensive one.... So, if I get a job, Sol train to NY?

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Cols, OH




Columbus, OH

1994 Del Sol SI/VTEC

159k miles/<50k

Once you go black you never go back.


Anyway as most know I've been through a swap so I'm basically a Del sol VTEC with less than 50k on motor now. ;)

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