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Bored and a bit bummed.


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How are you guys and gals doing?



Not much to do at work.

Bummed cause vacation is definitely better then work.

All raises at work were suspended until further notice - and I was due for a nice one (beats losing a job by a long shot!)

Red car has a dead battery and needs two new axles very soon.

Black car got a flat (I hit a damn rat trap and the spring mechanism punctured the tire and embedded into it). Also needs scheduled timing belt replacement.

Tracy broke the drivers door handle mechanism trying to open a frozen door on her Sol.

It's cold (see the above three items for extra sadness - I hate working in the unheated garage on cars)

It is approaching Christmas, which has always been a depressing time of year for me.


The only positive note is that Tracy's 30th b-day is in a few days and she should really like the gift I got for her.

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Well you can feel happy for me then! :thumbsup:


I got OEM spoiler


all brackets and bolts for Radiator, A\C, PS, and Alt ( for future powder coating!)


Over flow bottle for radiator (your welcome Preston)


loop for my glove box


cig. lighter


fuse panel cover


DS pillar along front windshield




Thanks MAF (who by the way is parting a Sol, but does not have 50 posts) :- I will vouche for him!!!!!!!!!

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Today I:

Woke up at 11

Had a banana, piece of rye bread, and a Red Bull for breakfast

Had an Italian Renaissance Art final from 12:00-1:40

Sold two textbooks for $40

Bought a Gatorade and a another Red Bull

Made food

Studied for pre-calc

And now I have my pre-calc final in an hour

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I here you man, I havent had much in the way of negative incidents but christmas time is ALWAYS stressful. But christmas morning is great for that same reason because you know its all over now! lol


Sorry to hear about the car trouble though. And you have a PM! (or soon you will).

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Sorry to hear about that, hopefully things will improve. Might want to consider a space heater for the garage?

I'm busily hacking away at probably about 20 pages of BS homework, so if your misery wants some company, Mine's ready to hang out.

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I have a heater. It's just not the same compared to working on the car in September or October.


In other depressing news: One of my good friends, who has Macular Degeneration as of 5 years ago and lost 90% of his eyesight in a month's time, went to the doctor last Friday for a routine checkup only to find out that same day he has Leukemia. He has a 3 month old daughter that isn't even allowed to visit him at the hospital because they immediately started intensive chemo and he is bedridden and in a form of quarantine to prevent infection. Talk about a crapty 5 year plan....


In good news: Last Wednesday I became an uncle. Little Allie Marie was born.

In not-so good news: My sister is pretty much loosing it. She has banned my other sister and my mom from coming to her house to visit the baby. Let the family drama begin!


Got new snow shoes for the commuter. 14" steelies FT....W?

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i started taking the engine/trans out of a donor 95 integra at 2pm. had the swap out and tranny off the engine by 4pm. had supper and played with myself till about 6pm , lol. cleaned and painted said tranny so it looked minty. installed flywheel and clutch on jdm b20 thats been in my shop for oh 3 months , lol. installed fresh painted tranny onto b20 which is also fresh painted same color. block anyways. had the engine fully dressed ready to swap by 10pm. decided why wait , im up , lol. pulled 96 hatch into the bay. had engine and trans out of it by 11:30pm. changed rear mount , dressed the D series mounts onto the b20. throttle cable , civics wiring harness , blah blah odds and ends. couple smokes and a coffee , lol. started putting swap into the hatch at about 12:30 am. had it done and running and gone by 3am. that was my day. like many others like it.

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Wow... according to the HF main page.. I'm the only member online... freaky. Hooray for all-nighters working on stupid papers that are nothing more than a waste of time... We're ignoring the fact that I procrastinated all day... o:)

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