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Hey im Rob. I have been lurking on these forums for a few days (actually a few Honda forums) and I have to say that this one is the best :) . The forums are just so much cleaner and have less intrusive ads, you can tell these forums are built for one purpose... to talk about Hondas! So in short props to the website devs, and keep up the good work. On a more important note this forum seems to have less dickheads, and you guys have a good sense of humor :p



To answer the questions in the sticky:


I bought a 5spd 4door 2005 Honda Civic EX Special Edition d17a2 62k mi. (no mods). probably not the best for tunning, but thats ok I don't have any money any way and any money that I do make will go towards car payments >.< . My previous car was a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis (aka Chick Magnet) sold it because it got around 14 mpg and had over a quarter million miles :p



Im not sure how I found the forums just stumbled on them when searching google for honda forum or something like that.

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Pics are nice and I agree 100% with the proprer good guys\gals to Dickheads ratio! :thumbsup: They are here, but mostly stay in check! :-























































































Oh and where the hell are my pics?? :(

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