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Christmas List


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Whats on your christmas list!? I dont know about you but I'm still getting a crap load of gifts from my parents every year, and my parents just requested a christmas list via email.>_<


T-shirts, Undershirts, underwear, and socks are always nice.

new pair of low cut boots size 14-15 (BROWN boots)

Bodywash axe or something.

AAA, Magizine subscriptions


giftcards: Ticketmaster or Chipotte or gamestop or red lobster or olive garden or bestbuy...<LI>Digital Camara

Ipod Nano

Instant Scratch off tickets!

Movies: Dark Knight, Never Back Down, Street Kings, Step Brothers, Tropic Thunder, The Bank Job, Ironman, The Happening, Wanted, 21.


I might add some more but this is pretty typical, a bunch of stuff i NEED, and a few addons.


Also feel free to add on any nifty or cool gifts your buying for people! (WILL DO LATER)


EDIT: Thats pretty much what I sent to Big Momma.

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For me:

Lights from Pearce

Drivers side front wheel well


GPS: Mio Knight Rider, or Mio C520. (Mio seems to outperform Garmin and Magellan, so...)

red-stitched Prelude shift knob? (shrugs, I need to find a picture before I decide, but one that should actually fit the rod would be great... mine's wobbling a bit again)


Si Rims???


And, hopefully HF meet before christmas, christmas with family, and GF at some point. Then chilling with college buddies for a couple days after christmas.

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Ba humbug! How can you not partcipate!? Lol no probably for the better though save money FTW!

Because I honestly cannot afford it, and rebuild the Talon. Trust me, that damn car has been down long enough, and now that it's at a friends house, I don't want it sitting forever more.

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Um some new tools from either snap on, mac, or craftsman.

A new mp3 player cause lost mine. I love that sony to death. Can't believe I lost it making out with a girl. I think she stole it. haha

Maybe a new cell phone for my b-day or gets lot of money for more car parts. Finally can get new head lights for the del sol. (b-day is jan 11th)

Oh and car parts to finish the 240sx. I am getting those now and they are counting as x-mas gifts.

and little stuff here and there. Thats all I really want.


Would get a xbox 360 But I am impatient so I getting on early.

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Thinking about getting money off my parents to spend on speakers for my car, some Infiniti Kappas 6/12" front n rear. (Do they fit in the sol anyone know? I.e, with MDF spacers etc....)

Erm...then probably random clothes, money, and beer I imagine!


I'm looking forward to xmas dinner the most!!!! YUM

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does anyone really need to ask me at this point?


i want




































































































































eleventy bazillion dollers



























































and noodz.

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I feel like a jerk for asking for stuff >_<

but my parents only get me stuff for Christmas/Birthday which I am totally cool with :thumbsup:



Birthday (only 3 days away)


Various clips for the Sol, new Honda Emblems and civic, del sol, and dohc vtec decals. Side targa seals as well FTW.






Sandblasting cabinet and powdercoating gun.

I'm sure a few tools, not totally sure on all the small things.

Mom picks up stuff year-round so things i asked for in January and forgot about are probably in a closet around here somewhere

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yeah, but it's one of the few TV programs that is actually worth buying. And it would be sweet to watch with surround sound.



I can't get it to work on my computer for some reason, and as soon as the last season airs, I'm sure they're not gonna keep it online.

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wedding and house stuff mostly...


tempur-pedic celebrity king sized bed

Cindy Crawford Home Lakeshore Wing 7 Pc King Bedroom

Perimeter Cream 5 Pc Livingroom Set



1950s Halterneck Ivory Duchess Satin Dress (for the after party & 2nd reception)

Aldo Shoes- "ARNOLDOA"

Emerald and Diamond Accent Journey Drop Earrings in 10K Gold

Metallic Gold Thread Lace Fan (10 of them- 4 for bridesmaids, 6 for mothers & g'mothers)

Exlibris Necktie by Cyberoptix.com (9 of them- 4 groomsmen, 1 groom, 2 fathers, 2 ushers)

Reception Catering

Event Rentals

25 Passenger Limousine Coach

Memory Book

Flower Arrangements/Centerpieces & Bouquets

Pink sinamay hat with feathers, by Philip Treacy London


I'm still in the process of putting it together, but that's the majority of it for right now. We'll also get loads of gift cards as 'stocking stuffers' hopefully for Barnes & Noble, Harris Teeter, Best Buy and a few other places... but money would be more appreciated.

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We'll also get loads of gift cards as 'stocking stuffers' hopefully for Barnes & Noble, Harris Teeter, Best Buy and a few other places... but money would be more appreciated.


That's what Visa Gift Cards are for :thumbsup: . An infinitesimal bit more personal than plain cash.

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I received Lost Season 3 somehow for free. I have had it sitting here for months but haven't done more than open up the package. I should really get S1 & 2 eventually, since I didn't start to actually watch the show regularly until sometime in Season 3.


I don't expect much, and don't plan on asking for anything either. Christmas is about the kids so my nieces and nephew get spoiled and we get to watch them go nuts over the holiday.

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