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No Low Beams!!!


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I just got this 88 Accord LXi for $950, I have planed on giving it some shop time for a tune up, but first things first I had to replace one of the Headlamps. I hit up Shucks and got a set of Sylvania Silverstars, and installed the lights and all went well.


If this was all I had to do I would not have to post here.


Even before I did the lights I saw that the headlights only worked when the brights were sulected, so I fifured that the Lamps had dead Lowbeam bulbs. Sadly the problem is now biger as I installed the best and britest I could buy and still have no low beam. Cops around here(Corvallis, OR) hate high beams and have pulled my friend over twise for runing his highbeams past them.


I think the problem is a short in the low beem surket, and yes before any one thinks I'm some sort of nube I checked the fuse's first thing after the the lamps.

It could be that the master switch is mest up, but I dont think so. Any ideas please post them I don't wont to spend mony fixing it if its an easy fix.



The Lamps only flip up if I used the brights or the dash sulecter, and they only go down when the lights were turned off.

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take out the bulbs and see if the low beam filament is blown.

headlight bulbs have two filaments, one of high and one for low.

it wont be a fuse problem because both the high and low beams are run off of the one headlight fuse.

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