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Anyone near Hollywood, CA?


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Hey all,


I am looking for a member who is close to Hollywood, CA and knows a fair amount about the automotive industry. I am possibly purchasing a vehicle in Hollywood, but going out there just to check it out would be a waste of time and money; going out there with the intent to buy is also risky; and shipping a vehicle "blind" would be really risky. I am asking for the help of one member who feels that they can give me a good "buyer" perspective on a vehicle without me seeing it for myself. If you are a Hollywood local and feel like you can provide me with the following information on a vehicle, please e-mail me at compuvision02@gmail.com, so I can fill you in on more details. Not only can yo help me decide on the right vehicle, but you can also make me feel more comfortable with possibly "blind" shipping the vehicle here. If I do buy the vehicle, I will compensate you, nothing wild, but worth your time and effort. Thanks!



-Tire Tread Depth (I can mail you a tread depth gauge if needed)

-Wheel Condition (paint peeling, curb rash, etc.)

-Exterior Condition (paint quality, paint peeling, body panel damage, scratches, rust, etc.)

-Interior Condition (seat bolsters, floor mats, steering wheel wear, cracked panels, etc.)

-Electronic Condition (radio, speakers, switches, etc.)

-Interior/Exterior Lighting (all warning lights when in "on" position, no warning lights on while vehicle is running, bulbs all working, fading, cracks, etc.)

-Steering/Suspension Condition (squeaking, rattling, sloppy, etc.)

-Motor/Transmission Condition (noises, hesitations, grinds, slipping, oil leaks, etc.)

-Is the vehicle worth the money in the current condition?

-Am I going to see anything on the vehicle that will dissatisfy me upon arrival? (I am anal about my vehicles)



-Brake Condition (pad lining, rotor grooves, etc.)

-Under Body (rust, bent components, etc.)

-Photographs (wheels, exterior, interior, engine bay)


Robert McManus


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