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Rick B.

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I found a pic of my old volks that I had for my civic, before they were stolen.


i forgot how sexy they were, think i should get another set for the subaru?

though, they cost me like $2500 not including tires.




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damn you got rocked


i miss them. :(

they were sexy :drool:


though, they were 18s >_<


Or you could fix your sh!t.

everything is being fixed this week. the fender/frame was already pulled. they are just prepping it for paint now. i also have a mechanic thats going in there to change the timing belt and to replace my clutch/throwout bearing. when i get the car back, it will be in good running condition

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still probably light as hell though. did you ever get them on the car?


they were super f*cking light! i could carry them on my finger tips.

never had them mounted on my civic. i was about to install my 5 lug disc conversion when they were snagged.

after the rims were stolen, i sold my 5 lug conversion for $2200.


i did throw them on a friend's silver '97 prelude for a day though. they looked sexy on there and the wider sticky tires handled like crazy!

toyo proxy z rated tires ftw

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