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Wife's father in Hospital!!


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3 heart attacks, and 2 stints later, thought they were sending him home today or tomorrow. Plans have changed, possibly a clot has worked its way into his brain as of AM this morning was put back into CCU!


Thoughts and prayers if you can spare them, are appreciated! :(



Love ya guys! :heart:

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u know i'm a godless heathen, but good luck.


I am in same boat, :thumbsup: but my thoughts are with him! Thanks :)


I hope they help him get very well soon :)


huuugggsss to you :)

love you too... :)


Thanks Lina, and I wuv you too! :heart:


sorry to hear that mike. tell your wife my prayers would go out to him.Good Luck


Thanks buddy, I meant to tell ya last night on Aim, but forgot! >_<

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Hey! I work in the CCU :) If the clot has worked its way to the brain its probably b/c the dr wrote an order for the nurse to give a certain drug to break up the clot. When the clot breaks up, there are still chunks of it that will flow with the blood and eventually clot somewhere else where the vessels are smaller, in this case the brain.


good luck to your wifes father.

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Her dad is going home today!! :thumbsup:


Come to find out they gave him Ambian along with something else and the 2 combined was causing the delusions!! >_<


So hopefully he will be ok! Thankyou for all the thoughts and prayers! :wub:



Wife will post a thank you post in a day or so! She was touched last night when I had her read the thread! :)

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