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Bathin' Apes

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i just want to zip up the hoodie and be a monkey damnit


me too! then i can make monkey references... :devil:

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aaaaand thats exactly what i would do, except be scratching under my arms and throwing a plethora of bananas.

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I just bought a bape hoodie :thumbsup:






That hoody looks fake to me. You should post pics of the tags though just to make sure.


It is a label started by a guy named Nigo. Originally, he designed clothes for the underground and wanted it to be underground so that it won't be worn by many. Later, the demand got so high that he made it public but priced them really high. US rappers are sporting his gear and the first hip hop celebrity who actually made the name "BIG" in the US is Pharrell and Chad from the group NERDS. Pharrell collaborated with Nigo to come up with Ice Cream (you can see these at foot locker or other shoe joints with a picture of a ice cream on a cone with a face on it). There is also BBC, as Clio mentioned. BBC stands for billionaire boys club. Bape is another word for bathing ape - B for Batihing and ape for ape = B'ape = BAPE.


Here are pictures of Nigo





Bape kicks :thumbsup: (basically air force 1 style but instead of the nike slash, its a comet like logo)



One of several Bape hoodies :thumbsup: (What makes these hoodies unique is they zip all the way up to the hoodie)





john mayer sportin a batman bape hoodie. (Robin williams has a few but i can't seem to find that pic. and yes, he also had on bape hoodies. Ive once seen him rock some retro jordans!)



bape from head to toe! Everybody say it with me now - awwww!




Here is an idea of how much bape items cost



One of Nigo's crib


Just letting you know as well, nearly all of the items you posted are fake.

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