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I have a 1991 CRX I was driving it normaly and then stomped on it, the engine light came on i pulled over. shut it off. turned it back on listened for any abnormal noises, didnt hear any, reved the engine up, it would not go past 3500, shut the car off, engine light turned off reved it again reved beyond 3500 engine light turned back on, and would not rev past 3500 rpms. i drove the car home, i took the distributor cap off, black smokey looking, replaced the rotor and the cap, plugs, wires already new. i listen to the cap it doesnt sound smooth. what should i do beyond this point. i went to a buddies shop, he said he would diagnose it for $45 is this a good deal? what are possible factors that could cause this bogging.

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By the distributor "bot sounding smooth" are you describing a grinding/whinning sound? If so you may be experiencing the symptom of a bad distributor sub-assembly.

yeah the distributor did make those sounds, and now it just makes the grinding sound, should i replace that whole assembly and is it much work?


im not sure on what engine and ecu it has, because the guy i bought the car from did an engine swap on it. with a double friction clutch, all the car has done to it is the intake, complete exhaust from the headers, and suspension but i know the suspension wouldnt have any thing to do with it.

where on the engine would it say what kind it is, and where is the ecu located, would the ecu be located behind the glove box?

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