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Can I drive safely on unbalanced wheels/tires


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So the guy with the prelude wheels sold the car but still can do the wheel swap. I'm meeting him Wednesday of next week to have my tires swapped onto the prelude rims and them mounted on the car.


Problem is that I'm meeting him at about 5:30 and all the shops that could balance them are going to be closed by the time I get to them. So....can I drive home and back to work the next day on unbalanced tires? Will it be safe? Will it jar the crap out of us with tire shake. It will be 40 miles home that night and 40 miles back to work the next day and then I'll have them balanced.

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It is not going to hurt anything unless it is actually violent shaking. Only thing it will do is wear them a little unevenly for the 80 miles you are going to put on them. Yes, it may shake the snot out of you, but when ever there is a wobble there is usually a harmonic balance point too. The wobble should go away completely or be lessened by simply slowing down or speeding up a bit till you find the speed that resonates the least.


I don't suppose the tires you have on the accord now still have the alignment mark on them? All new tires have a colored dot painted on the wheel which indicates the 'center' for balancing purposes. Tire mounters are always supposed to line this paint mark up with the valve stem on the wheel. If your tires do not have the mark just mark the valve stem alignment spot with a chalk mark so you can get them aligned as best as possible (if the original tires were lined up right to begin with).

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it shouldnt hurt if you baby it around, just dont hit the freeway because one of your tires might pop like mine did in my first bmw that i had in germany, both my rear tires needed to be re-balanced but i didnt think it would be that bad... just baby the car man, keep it slow and you should have no worries :thumbsup:

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