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87 CRX want start


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I just rebuilt the engine on my 87 CRX. New piston rings and head reburbished by local machine shop. I'm pretty sure it's a timing problem but can't figure out how to fix it. I neglected to note the position of the distributor, cam shaft, and lower sprocket before I took the head off. Now I can't seem to find TDC of the piston. My maintenance manual tells me how to do it but the pictures and of different cam shafts and the marks they mention don't exist on mine. Is there a simple way to find TDC for the number 1 piston without taking the head back off to do it visually? Also I've been playing with the position of the cam shaft and I can get it to the point of almost wanting to crank but it want. Any help would be appreciated. I feel like an idiot for not noting the position of the distributor and other items before I took the head off.

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Remove the spark plug from cylinder 1. Insert a long socket extension into the spark plug hole. Rotate the crank by hand and watch the extension. When it reaches the top of its stroke, and begins to go back down you have found TDC. Also, there should be marks on your crank pulley as well.

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Thanks kast, I'll give that a try. I do have a single yellow dot on the lower crank pulley that attaches to the sproket, but nothing in my manual talks about what direction it's suppose to be at

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