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Check engine light at or around VTEC

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I have been getting a check engine light at or around VTEC periodically which remains on untill you turn the car off. Then if you restart it no light. I can drive/have it started for however long and the engine light doesn't come on its just when you get on it alittle bit.


I'll probably take it to autozone or something to see what code is being thrown, but any ideas on the subject? A buddy of mine sugguested a knock sensor but didnt know since it stays on. Car runs fine with or without the engine light. No abnormal sounds/smells, etc.

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Check the code yourself. All you need is a paperclip and the ability to count.


I can handle the ability to count I'll have to work on the paperclip.


And its a b16 and yes VTEC kicks in strong.

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wow was looking for air/fuel ratios.....and came across this...would like to know this also...


i have a 91 Civic Hatchback Si with a swapped Ls/Vtec....no engine lights when i start it...but when vtec kicks in...and i know my Vtec is engaging and Very strong...so was wondering same thing...hope we both get a answer to this

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