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1994 accord - location of compressor clutch relay


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I am trouble shooting an AC problem using the 1994 Shop Manual. I have noted the following problems. 1. Blown fuse #34 (15A) in the under hood fuse box. 2. Severed wires at the compressor pulley location. (looks like over time the wires got too close to the pulley and have been cut/melted away by constant contact/friction).


Now on to the next trouble shooting recomendation. The book says to check the compressor clutch relay. I can find no such connection. From the picture it looks like it should be mounted next to the body near the fan shroud. Again, I see nothing.


Does someone have a photo or guidance on where the compressor clutch relay is located?



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Does someone have a photo or guidance on where the compressor clutch relay is located?

It's location depends on the trim level. Perhaps it would be easier to take a picture of your engine bay so we can draw an arrow next to it. I would suggest looking over both fan shrouds, it is bolted to one of them. I swear you'll laugh when you realize it was in your face the whole time.

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Thanks for the reply. The good news and for anyone that Googles this later, I did find the relays. A couple of things to note.

1. The relays are not located where they are pictured in the repair manual. Instead of mounting near the fan shroud, they are instead mounted along the drivers side fender right behind the filling location for the washer fluid.

2. Also they are not the same size and shape as the Honda replacement part!! The OEM parts are round in shape and covered with a clear rubber boot to protect them from moisture which makes them hard to identify. The replacement parts are square in shape.


So for anyone with the same problem, hope this helps.


Thats the good news, the bad news is that the relays were fine. I have an under dash fuse that is blown, #7 (Compressor Clutch) which was also incorrectly labeled in the repair manual as #8.


Time for more trouble shooting..................

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