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ok well i was on this site some of u might have heard of it, called sol society.com or bullcrap.com see more interesting posts on myspace blogs...but anyway had some problems with this girl that i sold my car to complaining about crap that was irrelivant ... so Mpearce recommended me to this site



hopefully ill have better luck on here... so heres what i bought... be kind to me as this is how i bought it and have already done some work ... bumper is fixed along with the trunk , looking to buy some parts however ill save that for appropriate thread





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well actually the rear doesnt look that bad anymore... took the back bumper off pushed out the dent, straightened the bumper support, bad frame damage on the trunk but 2 hours, some patience and a sledge hammer i got it all good... i got the car for a hell of a deal with the damage that was done to it but i might keep it for now and sell it cuz i want a samba green sooooo bad but as for now, i jus need to get it in good running order ...possibly a nice exhaust system...i want stock if possible... ill put that in a wtb thread..then an overhaul on the interior... here are some pix of the interior of the sol i jus sold


rear panels recovered with red vinyl and bins repainted black




headliner recovered with red vinyl




some new hardware to make it look clean


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Welcome to the band of misfits! :thumbsup: I am thinking no one wants to own a Sol thats not a 5-speed! :crazy:


True story^^

That is the main reason it took me so long to find one.


Looks nice with the red vinyl and black. Is your hood bad as well or just popped in that pic?

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thanx for all the love on this site, the car is 5spd, and has 102,000 miles which i felt was good for a 93... the hood is a little messed up from the accident, what i was told was the kid was rear ended and when he got hit the front got pushed under another car...no frame damage in the front end the hood just got bent, so maybe a new hood will fix that problem,

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